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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


August 20, 2014


Since my first post and starting this blog it's been a long time in coming:  We are free from the bricks and sticks finally!  In August of this year we were able to sign the house over to new owners! 

Never been so happy to see something go as I was the house.  It was very bittersweet and ironic all at the same time.  We had been struggling to hold onto the house over the last year or so.  It felt like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders....literally!  Freedom from a house payment we had been wrestling with to make each month.  Each month getting harder than the one before.  It felt hopeless and I felt down hearted over the mounting bills.  Just when I didn't think things were going to turn around.

 Praise God! Buyers showed up!   I have been blessed beyond words with the buyers. Timing of the sale was perfect for us!  It worked out so well I know God was helping me out.  Some of you can say..."yeah right" but for me and my hubby we are both in agreement.  God helped us out!

No longer attached to a house our next step is financial freedom.  We had several set backs hence the struggle of making the house payments.  We are living with our son for a while.  We are now working on cleaning up the bills.  So maybe a year or so to clean up.   We are working towards having financial freedom, it will just take a while to get cleared up. 

I will have my fifth wheel and a truck...paid in full before heading out on the road.  I never! EVER....want to be under the stress and strain as I was over the last three years.  I am still trying to relax & recover.  So from this day forward....I move toward our dream of full time rv'ing and traveling the open road.

See ya all soon,
Your Friend,